Filming and Photography Location Hire

Our decommissioned 1967 model Victoria Line underground railway car (one of only a handful left) can be hired by film-makers and photographers.

This is especially popular with film-makers who want an authentic underground train setting at value-for-money rates.

How much does it cost to hire?

Our rates are:

• From £500 for professional and/or commercial productions.

• Student and non-professional production rates are negotiable so please either phone Peter Spence on 01708 606 021 or email us to discuss your requirements. Note that emails are generally only responded to on Tuesday evenings and Sundays - see About Us for further information.

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What do you get?

• A complete decommissioned Victoria Line tube car featuring working internal lights, authentic fittings, and powered doors

• Onsite power for cameras, film lights and any other equipment

• A canteen with microwave ovens, tea and coffee-making facilities

• Private changing facilities for actors/models

• Toilet facilities

Do you pay extra if your film is broadcast?

• We don’t charge extra for a broadcasting license. You pay to hire the carriage and what you then do with the material produced is up to you.

• We do request, however, that if you publish, broadcast (including YouTube) or in any other way disseminate your production, we should be credited as a matter of courtesy.

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